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How to Hack MW2

Kief just made a new MW2 Hacks video showing why our COD MW2 Hacks are the best in the world and we teach you How to Hack MW2! Check out the action in the video below, his raging simply rocks and it shows how awesome our cheats really are today. You can download this hack as well as 6 other hacks just by becoming a site subscriber at CALLOFDUTYCHEATS.com

The 2nd DLC, Resurgence Pack, will be out on 3rd of June and will be an Xbox 360 exclusive for now, just like the Stimulus Package. It will be available on the PS3 and PC on 7th July, 2010.

Carnival: abandoned carnival area with a Ferris wheel, fun house and other attractions.
Trailer Park: full of tight corridors.
Fuel: based in and around an oil refinery which is ideal for snipers.
Vacant (COD4 remake): wide open Russian office complex.
Strike (COD4 remake): urban town surrounded by hotels.
Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) is expected to have at least three map packs, check out the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer maps. If the DLC isn’t your thing, prepare for Call of Duty 7: Black Ops which will be out on 9th of November, 2010.

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